Heating and cooling contractors are uniquely positioned to boost HVAC sales by taking advantage of both tried-and-true marketing methods and content marketing tools.

Here are the top five ways that you can boost HVAC sales, often by making just a few minor adjustments in your marketing plan:

  • Know your brand – This does not mean the brand of equipment you sell. Successful companies in other industries already know the importance of brand (think Microsoft or McDonald’s), but even small business have a brand. Your company’s brand is whatever makes you unique, be it stellar customer service, high-quality expertise, and so on. Your brand message should be clear in every form of marketing you use
  • Make a plan to increase high-quality leads – Consider using social media tools to meet this goal. By enticing area homeowners through a blog, Twitter account or Facebook page, you can begin to educate your customers about the benefits of using your company, and thereby increase brand awareness. This process requires a minimal investment, but the effects can be great as you build a base of loyal fans, establish yourself as an authority, and grow your e-mail list.
  • Expand service agreements – Set apart those customers that you’ve serviced in the past, but aren’t yet part of your service agreement plans. Then, develop a marketing plan to sell those services. You can accomplish this goal through cold calling leads, mass marketing your e-mail distribution list, or using your company blog.
  • Train your team – As much as training is valuable for your technicians, training for marketing and customer service teams is just as important, as how they handle each customer interaction will help to convert leads into sales, whereas the expertise of your technicians will keep those customers.
  • Get to know your leads – It’s imperative to know the needs of potential and existing customers. By understanding when they need a service or an upgrade, you can focus your time and efforts on shortening the sales cycle, maximizing your efforts.

I developed Ron Smith HVAC Spells Wealth for the explicit purpose of helping other contractors succeed. Your business can benefit from the years of expertise I’ve garnered over the past several decades. If you’d like more information about how to boost HVAC sales, contact me today.


By Ron Smith