Nearly every HVAC business typically reaches a crossroad in its development, where growth is possible but requires some changes in the structure of the business. Staffing your HVAC business to ensure growth requires that you specialize, taking steps to develop both a service department and a maintenance department.

Pushing past obstacles to growth frequently means going beyond the jack-of-all-trades coworker and allowing for specialization, particularly when it comes to developing a precision tune-up program. For the program to drive your sales and growth year-round, providing a foundation for financial security, you’ll need to take staffing your HVAC business with precision tune-up specialists seriously.

With a dedicated staff performing precision tune-ups and a separate staff serving existing and new customers with repairs and more, you’ll see direct benefits for:

  • Customers, who have highly skilled precision tune-up techs working on their HVAC equipment, informing them about related services. 
  • Coworkers. With a defined plan for maintenance-technician careers at your business, coworkers are clear about training requirements, bonuses for services sold and advancement within the company.
  • Your company. While customer and coworker benefits are indeed valuable, and have a trickle-down effect on the business, your company will also get a direct boost from having two separate departments. A defined maintenance department staffed with precision tune-up specialists positions your business to spot coworkers with the potential to succeed in other positions. Lead generation for service and repairs increases with tune-up specialists on the job. The final perk? Your service technicians won’t be bogged down with tune-ups and can instead focus on the higher-paying, more technical work of performing repairs and installations.

With your maintenance department in place, you can begin servicing customers with precision tune-ups year-round, one of the keys to a successful HVAC business. Keep your newly founded staff in the maintenance department busy offering tune-ups over the entire year and engaging customers during their service calls.

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By Ron Smith