Selling with T.R.U.S.T. In-Home Sales Success Book by Tom Piscitelli


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It’s finally here!  Selling With T.R.U.S.T. is all about creating extraordinary in-home sales success. The book will change your approach to selling and help you build clients for life.  You’ll learn step-by-step:  how your mindset before a call determines your success on the call, how to explain our ideas in persuasive sales language, why homeowners prefer choices, how to streamline for improved cash flow and profits, how to move sales calls to action, how to handle customer uncertainty, how to create lifetime clients from one-time customers and how to increase sales, increase close rates and increase income.

Selling is not a “win or lose” situation.  With the right attitude and techniques you’ll soon discover that by giving the CUSTOMER the power to make the choice, you both  benefit!

The book is only $25.00 including shipping and handling.  Order it easily on our secure website: or phone 470-253-8502.

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