System Selling with T.R.U.S.T In-Home Sales Call DVD by Tom Piscitelli


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This 70 minute DVD includes the entire sales call process beginning with the homeowners search for a reputable contractor setting the appointment, taking load calculation measurments, discovering customer needs, preparing at kitchen table, presenting the company, making a CHOICE proposal, closing and handling all the typical objections a sales person gets.  See it, learn it, do it! 100% sales results guaranteed.

“Tom has hit a ‘home run’ with this In-Home Sales Training DVD.  The product is a big help to anyone interested in improving their sales performance, career and compensation.  Well done!”

– Ron Smith, Author of HVAC Spells Wealth

This powerful product is only $160 including shipping and handling.  You can order it easily on our secure website or phone 470-253-8502.

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