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The Power of Positive Pricing was written because many service company owners take a simple-minded approach to pricing.  They ignore the strategic aspects of price.  They think of pricing in dollars and cents, ignoring the fact that pricing is a marketing weapon.  In this book, Matt Michel addresses pricing from a new perspective.  It’s unlike the other books you may have read or seminars you may have attended.  Matt looks at pricing as a method of building the bottom line by building the top line.

In The Power of Positive Pricing you’ll learn how to flex price like the retailers, the best way to present your prices, how to establish service agreement prices, how to price installations and project work, how to discount with integrity, how to price on the margin for plus business and enhanced profitability, dual overhead pricing, how small change in price or overhead can make a huge difference to your bottom line, what fair price is, how to handle price complaints and lots more.

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