Feeling left behind when it comes to social media marketing? You’re not alone. Many HVAC contractors say they feel like fish out of water when it comes to Facebook and other online networking tools. But the fact is that your customers — and your future customers — are very comfortable online. And that means you need to make social media a key part of your marketing plan. Here are three ways you can do that: 

  • Create a Facebook page for your business. If you’ve only dabbled in Facebook — or ignored it altogether — it’s time to consider its social media marketing potential. As of December, Facebook had 845 million active users. By creating a Facebook page for your business, you open a portal to the users in your community, including not only your current customers but also their Facebook contacts. Facebook is an easy way to keep in touch with customers and capitalize on the powerful reach that the Facebook  Like button and other features offer.
  • Create an HVAC blog. Blogs gives HVAC contractors a marketing platform they can use to establish themselves online as leaders in the field. Updated regularly with relevant posts — short, informative articles on HVAC-related topics — blogs allow you to give something of value to would-be customers: the benefit of your expertise. It’s true that blogs, to be successful over time, require planning and commitment. That’s why some HVAC business owners give the job to an Internet-savvy co-worker or outsource the job. But an HVAC blog will pay off by attracting the attention of homeowners and business owners who go online for quality information. Blogs attract sales leads that have the potential to become longtime and loyal customers.
  • Tap Into LinkedIn. While everyone and his nephew are on Facebook, LinkedIn is a social networking tool dedicated to professional relationships. As an HVAC contractor, you can tap into this network to build contacts in your business community and industry. LinkedIn also lets you see the connections of your connections, facilitating introductions, professional recommendations and other networking strategies that lead to customers.

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By Ron Smith