As his HVAC firm grows, an owner must prioritize the organizational aspects of his business. With more leadership on board, attention must shift to helping the owner manage his teams of coworkers. Improving HVAC management meetings can go a long way toward extending the owner’s reach within the business — as it’s no longer possible to dabble in the details — while building confidence among the leaders of the business.

To develop the skills of your leaders and grow your business, here are some tips for improving HVAC management meetings:

  • Set a clear start and stop time. Your management team will respect those times if they know you respect their time.
  • Implement a no-interruption policy. To stay on track and get through the agenda, no one is allowed to interrupt the meeting.
  • Set — and stick to — the agenda. Allow team members to include items, but don’t veer from the agenda. Adhering to the topics at hand encourages the management team to carefully consider what’s on the agenda.
  • Set the tone – As the facilitator, you’ll need to keep the atmosphere positive and to the point.
  • Encourage good work – When you can, have an attendee present a success story, which motivates the group.
  • Touch on values – When you’re working toward improving HVAC management meetings, use the time to assess whether the business is on track with regard to its mission and values.
  • Allow everyone to speak – Giving every attendee the chance to speak instills confidence and a sense of freedom to discuss, disagree and be heard.
  • Sum it up – Before the meeting ends, the facilitator should summarize the items discussed and give an overview of what needs follow-up, delegating any tasks to the appropriate people. Let your team know what needs to be done before the next management meeting.
  • Communicate – Avoid any sense of secrecy. Your leaders should know what they can communicate to other coworkers and which items they should sit on until further notice.

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By Ron Smith