I believe it is my responsibility to keep my clients and blog readers informed of industry changes, new 
products and services, processes, marketing ideas, training programs and basically anything more that 
can help their companies become more successful. With all of that said I’ve become aware of a unique 
training program. 
Those of you who know me are certainly aware that I am passionate about proper communications with 
customers. And just as passionate about training. In my first book, HVAC Spells Wealth, I made the 
following statement: “A technician will rarely impress a customer with their technical skills…they 
impress only by mastering and using great customer relations skills.” Customers expect a technician to 
be able to make a repair and furthermore nearly all customers would fail to recognize a very difficult 
repair from a normal uncomplicated repair. So, how would a technician impress them with their 
technical skills? 
In all my years in the HVAC industry (only 52 years so far and I’m actually considering taking up HVAC as 
a career) I rarely come across something that is truly new and unique. That is not true with the training 
being offered by the team at Outdoor University. This is a group dedicated to training your service 
technicians, installers and managers on how to communicate properly with your customers and with 
each other. The benefits to better communications are obvious. 
  1. Your technicians will have more creditability and make a better impression on your customers. 
  2. Your customers will feel more at ease dealing with service technicians, maintenance technicians and installers who talk in an understandable manner and practice empathy. 
  3. Your customers will invest in your products being presented by the technicians if the customers trust and understand what the technicians are saying. 
  4. Your entire team will work better together and accomplish more.


And, very importantly, with excellent communications skills training your people will learn how to offer and sell more service agreements. Let’s face it, service agreements are the foundation for a profitable service department and a highly successful company. Your technicians are the key to the success of this important feature of your company. Many technicians, frankly, do not understand and appreciate the many benefits of service agreements (to all three involved parties – the customers, the coworkers and the company) and some will not even offer service agreements to your customers. After spending two days at Outdoor University your people will be trained about the importance of service agreements and will come home with a renewed appreciation of their job. 

I personally know HVAC owners who have sent their people to this unique HVAC training camp and the 
results are there just as advertised. Sure, this is different. Training in the woods by a lake? Sounds 
crazy but the location, the fully furnished and stocked campsite and the food make for an unforgettable 
experience. Most students come back and thank the owner for sending them. When was the last time 
that happened to you? Yes, this is real training with a real return for your company. Outdoor University 
gets results. 
I’m careful about who I recommend, but am very comfortable in saying: Try it once and you’ll send more 
of your people to a future training camp. 
To find out more about Outdoor University and sign up for the classes that begin on March 26, 2014 
go to our website https://www.ronsmithhvac.com/affiliates and click on the Outdoor University link. Or, 
just go to our website www.ronsmithhvac.com and click on Affiliates.