When you’re recruiting HVAC coworkers, mediocrity should never outshine expertise because of financial restrictions. If you set out to recruit HVAC coworkers with the attitude of restrictions, you’ve already set yourself up to fail. You have multiple recruiting avenues to help ensure that you recruit the coworker who will meet all of your qualifications and more. 

When you’re recruiting any type of coworker, keep three general principles in mind:

  • Always hire someone with the expertise to get the job done and get it done well.
  • Take your time as you make this decision to ensure that you hire the right person. Many HVAC businesses hire much too quickly and end up with a high turnover rate. 
  • Think of your business as being in continuous hiring mode, instead of hiring only when you lose a coworker. In this way, you and and the other leaders of your business will change your mind-sets to one that is forever selling to potential customers and potential coworkers.

With these three guiding principles in place, you can turn your attention to where to recruit. Recruiting HVAC coworkers requires a specialized strategy because of the technical nature of HVAC work.

Follow these best practices for recruiting HVAC coworkers:

  • Classified newspaper ads: With a bold style and copy that describes c, a newspaper ad can still work. Add a phone number and the name of a dedicated coworker to field phone calls, but don’t ask for a resume yet. A phone call can help to filter the potential coworkers who are mediocre from the better candidates. Further, it’s sometimes hard to spot the ideal candidate from a stack of resumes that tend to resemble one another. Make your ad different with the use of some white space.
  • Newspaper display ads: This technique will attract qualified candidates who aren’t necessarily looking for a job and so don’t find it necessary to go through the classifieds. Placing a display ad in the sports section on Saturdays is generally the best practice for recruiting HVAC coworkers.
  • Reward coworkers: Put ad money toward rewarding coworkers who recommend a qualified hire, but make the terms of the reward clear, for instance a specific amount of money if the new hire stays with the company through the first six months.
  • Vocational schools, military and various web based recruiting sites: Using these avenues will help you find new hires with the necessary expertise.
  • Related trades: Skilled technicians in related fields, such as electrical work, can be easily trained to handle HVAC work. Further, they have other coveted skills that will increase the value of your business.

Recruiting HVAC coworkers with these best practices will revolutionize your hiring process — and its overall results. For more information, contact me or visit my website at Ron Smith HVAC Spells Wealth.


By Ron Smith