Want to know the secret to HVAC customer retention? Before you can increase loyalty, you need to identify customers within your database and then employ a few of the retention strategies outlined here.

In any HVAC business, you have noncustomers, or people you’ve never done business with, and customers. The latter category is the group you should focus on to increase HVAC customer retention.

You can break these customers into four subgroups:

  • Service agreement holders
  • Non-service agreement holders for whom you’ve performed service, maintenance or installation over the past two years
  • Non-service agreement holders for whom you’ve performed work within the last five years
  • Past customers who don’t hold a service agreement and whom you haven’t performed any type of work for within the last five years

With these customer groupings in mind, you can begin to formulate a plan to increase retention, as the various types of HVAC customer retention options below will either effectively target one subgroup or several:

  • Reward programs – Give service agreement holders a discount for renewing their programs prior to expiration. Alternatively, you can offer a guaranteed price protection for renewing.
  • Filter programs – Increase your company’s exposure by dropping off free filters to customers who don’t yet hold a service agreement, and include a brochure that offers a discount for signing up.
  • Use tried-and-true methods – Send birthday cards and seasonal greetings cards to all sub-groups, a low-cost method for getting your name out there.
  • Drive by – During their down time, between appointments, or in the off season, give technicians a list of past customers you want to pursue, and have them drop by unexpectedly. This can be an opportunity to give out advice, conduct a home consultation or allow homeowners to ask questions.
  • Give back – Consumers today look for values and qualities in a company that they can get behind, such as a business that gives back to the community or shows a commitment to going green.
  • VIPs – Implement a program to reward your long-standing, loyal customers, such as a discount on parts and labor, or a special promotion

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By Ron Smith