In my most recent Ron’s Quarterly Blog for the First Quarter, 2018 I briefly wrote of how sick and tired I am of constantly hearing from others about how horrible everything is these days. I then said that EVERY THING IS NOT BAD and went on to state that the best thing we can do is not participate in these poisonous discussions, look for good things and talk about them and don’t hang out with negative people. Next, I said many things are getting better and provided several examples of them. 

Here is another example of things getting better and it’s a wonderful story. Since 1986 the Carter Center, based in Atlanta, GA has led an international campaign working with others such as The World Health Organization, UNICEF and the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention to eradicate the Guinea Worm Disease. A tropical disease, it’s a parasitic infection caused by a particular roundworm. The source is stagnant water. The male and female worms mate and grow. After about a year in a human body the female is approximately three feet long and causes an agonizing painful lesion on the skin and slowly emerges from the body usually from a leg or foot. This problem occurs in 21 countries in Africa and Asia.

Is progress being made? For an answer how about this? The Carter Center reports that in 1986 there were 3.5 million cases reported. In 2017 there were 30 cases.  Guinea Worm Disease will soon join Smallpox as being completely eradicated. 

Are you a Community Citizen meaning do you give back to your community? Before you answer here are just a few ways you could do so. There are many others and you probably know some of them. 

  • Occasionally plant a few trees. 
  • In the summer on a hot day hand out bottles of cold water to people passing you on a sidewalk. 
  • Form a group and go pick up trash somewhere along a road – while being careful of the traffic. 
  • Mow a lawn along with trimming shrubs and growth for an older person who can no longer do it. 
  • Join Meals on Wheels. My wife Betty did this for years and greatly enjoyed it. 
  • Join a local civic club such as Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis and others. 

Corporately in one of my Air Conditioning & Heating companies our service technicians while on a service call each year and beginning in November would ask the homeowners while they were there if they could help by moving the owners’ Christmas decorations which were often stored in the attic, garage or basement to a designated area. 

I remember the time that one of our technicians while performing his work noticed that the customer, an older gentleman, was struggling while trying to change the oil in his car. John, the tech, took the time while he was there to change the oil for the man. In some companies John would have been fired for wasting time. In our company he won that month’s “Coworker of the Month Award”.  

Back before more modern technology we communicated by 2-way radios with our coworkers who worked from company trucks. We had nearly 80 of the radio dispatched vehicles. I came up with an idea and met with the sheriff of our county and told him that if he would agree we could provide another roving set of 80 eyes that would immediately report any suspicious actions. He agreed and we did in fact report several matters. Incidentally, although not intended for any honor the local newspaper printed a front page article on how we had teamed up with the Sheriff’s Department resulting in unintended good PR. 

I certainly remember this occurring. The sheriff’s department had told us not to ever take any action but only to report things quickly to them. We instructed our coworkers accordingly. However, one of our techs did not comply and went beyond the call of duty. While working in a mall he observed a purse snatching incident and started chasing the man down through the mall. The man entered a small store and found a ladder and hatch cover leading to the roof. Our tech followed him and then chased him several hundred feet on the roof before tackling and holding him while radioing our service dispatcher. A Sheriff’s deputy soon showed up and arrested the man. Our tech was not reprimanded by us but also did not win the “Coworker of the Month Award” although several of his coworkers thought he should of.  

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