Our visit with you-

Ron Smith’s visit to our company exceeded our already high exceptions. Let me back up and say that he gave us an outline so we knew what to expect and there were no surprises; but Ron’s unique approach and willingness to truly invest his time and experience in us put him in a league of his own. As soon as he arrived, he got down to business and didn’t stop until it was time to bring back to the airport. What we appreciated most about Ron is that he immediately recognized where we were in the business cycle and served us at that place. He was positive and talked to and with us (as oppose to talking down to us given his incredible success and track record in the industry). He led a training session for our entire team and infused energy and enthusiasm into out techs and office manager, and the result was immediate success with our costumers.

We saw a return on investment within 24 hours of Ron’s visit which marks success, but the reason we will continue to work with Ron Smith is because he is a genuine person.


Gina Ferrara

Vice President

LIBERTYAIR Air Conditioning and Heating Inc