I first met Ron in 1987, when we visited him to learn about his Service America franchise. We were a large mechanical contractor and wanted to get into the residential service and replacement business. We felt it would be better to partner with someone who had a system in place rather than try to reinvent the wheel. From that day forward, until today, some 32 years later, we are still operating by that same system. Ron’s knowledge in the retail part of our industry is unmatched. To this day, when I attend Service Roundtable meetings, or ACCA national meetings, I hear things in workshops that I learned from Ron over 30 years ago.
His book, “HVAC Spells Wealth”, is a wealth of information, the best part for me is I learned it from him personally. I would encourage anyone who wants to be successful in the retail service and replacement side of the business to not just read it, study it and implement it. In my mind, the best way to have a consistent and successful service and replacement business is through service agreements, the more the better. I have heard arguments against, but our motto learned from Service America over 30 years ago of “get and keep customers” rings true today as much as it did then.
The best thing about Ron is not his wealth of knowledge in the industry, but he is truly an outstanding human being. He is a man of deep faith and conviction, and one that can always be counted on He is a great family man and the best thing he ever did was marry Betty. I have been truly blessed to call him a friend for over 30 years.
Rick True, President/General Manager
Batchelor’s Service, Mobile, AL